Space Only

When you book space only, you’ve got the freedom to be creative – and we can help you make sure your display is eye-catching, memorable and cost-effective.

Listening to you and engaging with your brand is a vital starting point. We’re experts at knowing how to make every event successful and will help you achieve your vision and objectives.

With space only, you have complete control of your stand and can customise it however you choose. This gives you plenty of opportunities to be creative, daring and innovative. Together we can work out the best way to maximise your space – from the very beginning, we can help with the concept, design and graphics; we’ll talk about whether you might need internet access, power points and specialist lighting as well as exhibition extras such as storage, furniture and flooring. Professionally, there’s very little that we haven’t designed, developed and built! Our expertise will work to your advantage.

You’ll see some examples of Space Only builds below – talk to us for ideas and inspiration about the best way to showcase your products or services. Our experienced team has plenty of advice and recommendations for what will work best, no matter what sector you wish to influence, inspire and engage.

You don’t need to worry about paperwork, health & safety, risk assessments, plans or method statements, either. We’ll take care of this for you.

Call us today on 01476 327080 or get in touch here.

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