The Power of Good Exhibition Lighting


Exhibiting is a great way of getting your brand noticed, attracting potential customers, and engaging face-to-face with existing clients.


No doubt you’ve put a lot of time, thought and money into the best way of attracting visitors onto your exhibition stand. While a show stopping stand design, smart use of interactive AV and impressive giveaways will gain visitors attention. Having a poorly lit stand will get you lost in the crowd!


Since lighting is not always included in an exhibition package, it is often overlooked or deemed unnecessary. However, with consideration and smart design, modern lighting will have a big impact on the atmosphere of your exhibition stand, helping to improve visuals such as graphics and clearly communicate your message.

Melia Hotels Space only stand with 40mm platform flooring, integrated storage cupboard, 4m high walls, exhibition lighting, light boxes and Tea and Coffee Section

Some ways to use lighting on your stand

  • LED spotlights are an easy, cost effective way to draw attention to key products and light your space. Having a low energy consumption not only makes them safe to use in an exhibition setting but also makes them good for the environment.


  • If you have a larger space, why not use flood lights to illuminate your space. As the name suggest they will flood your stand with light! There are some great low wattage LEDs on the market now, saving you energy and money on your electrical requirements.


  • Rope lighting can be used in various colours and lengths, they can be safely added to shelving, reception counters and even the edge of a platform floor to create a stunning display.


  • Light boxes are an incredibly effective way of attracting maximum attention and will help to make your message or product stand out.

Cryosthetics space only, 40mm platform flooring, glass display counters, bespoke fascia and TV, light and Furniture Hire.

In an exhibition environment, good lighting can be the key to maximising the impact of your brand, giving you the edge over your competitors and clearly getting that all-important marketing message across. That’s why Rocket offer many different exhibition lighting solutions, our expert team of project managers are on hand to help with electrical order form, health and safety regulations and on-site installation.


Why not ask one of our expert team for some free advice? Give us a call on 01476 327080 or check out our exhibition extras here

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