Are you thinking of exhibiting in the UK?


Exhibiting in the UK is a great way to win new customers, reach new markets and boost your business – although it can seem a little stressful if you’re not familiar with the way exhibitions and trade shows are run here.

This is where experience counts so it makes sense to choose a UK-based company who will already know the venues, the organisers and importantly the space and layout of the most popular exhibition halls as well as having the experience and proven track record to help overseas clients.

Do some research. There are lots of organisations offering cost-effective solutions for exhibitions and trade shows in the UK. When you’re choosing who to use, make sure you pick a company who will take the hassle out of the whole process from start to finish. Ideally they will manage everything to do with your stand from initial concepts and design to creating, printing, transporting, installing and dismantling your stand. Look for flexibility over stand type and ask to see examples of how they’ve worked with clients from other countries in a similar way.

Think about the need to ship over your existing stand (if you have one) and team. Is this really necessary? It might be cheaper to use experts based in the country where you intend to exhibit – and you won’t have to handle any issues like transport delays, missing paperwork or the risk of damage to your stand while in transit plus all the extra expenses that creep in…

Exhibiting is a very competitive business so make sure you choose experts who can offer flexibility and the freedom to customise your stand and make it really special. This might be adding furniture or bar areas, incorporating handy storage solutions to keep your stand tidy or you might choose a whole sound and vision experience with interactive displays, smart TVS and audio visual equipment. A good exhibition stand supplier will show you examples of how they’ve helped other clients achieve success – and you should even be able to see visualisations using 3D models to get an impression of how your finished stand will look.

If you need more reasons to exhibit in the UK, here’s a big incentive. According to research, 76% of decision makers asked for a quote at the last show they attended.  English is still the primary language of international business and exhibitions generate business. You have a captive audience, ready to learn about new products and services. When so much business is done digitally, it’s good to be able to speak to prospective customers, connect with others in the same industry sector and network with suppliers face to face – it builds and strengthens relationships in a way that simply conducting your business over the Internet can’t.

So why not make 2017 the year to showcase your business in the UK?

Feel free to get in touch and ask us for advice on choosing the right show to suit your product/service and budget.

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