Great Ways to use AV effectively


Space only custom build exhibition stand with 60" Smart TV AV and lighting hire


Great Ways to use AV effectively

What’s your goal at an exhibition? It might be to raise awareness of your business, product or services, to generate sales leads or to launch new products.

Whatever your reason for exhibiting, to guarantee success, your stand needs to be appealing, interesting, and engaging. It’s all about standing out in the crowd and creating an impression that will last, so it’s worth adding on those exhibition essentials.

Audio-visual (AV) solutions are a great way to get people interested and involved in your exhibition space, your people, and your products.


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The way business market themselves at exhibitions has rapidly changed over the last few years, no longer are handfuls of flyers passed out (and then shredded). We have seen a real move in exhibitors taking advantage of what touch screens, mobile apps, smart TVs, and virtual reality headsets can do for their exhibition.

We live in a visual world and very few people are going to stand reading about what you do from just exhibition graphics. Instead of cluttering your exhibition stand with pop ups, pull ups, and text heavy graphics, keep things simple, seamless and to the point. Using a Smart TV to stream a short video is an excellent and cost-effective way to engage with your visitors.

Personalisation is a big trend for exhibitions this year as well as virtual and augmented reality. You might like to consider having individual stations where your visitors can watch videos or listen to an audio ad… so why not include a set of headphones with an iPad? Even better, a virtual reality headset!

Think about live streaming your exhibition stand, using social media to capture the atmosphere and create some interest in your event is a must and its free!

We want to see you succeed, that is why we’re committed to offering you the flexibility and the freedom to customise your stand and make it special.

We’ve helped lots of exhibitors get the most out of their stand with interactive media and AV solutions.

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