Five Ways to Attract People to your Stand


Five Ways to Attract People to your Exhibition Stand

If you are planning an exhibition stand at a trade or customer show it is important that you make the most of your time at the event, and to ensure your exhibition stand provides return on investment.  Whilst networking and checking out your opposition is fundamental, the main reason for you being there is usually to make yourself seen and to get people to visit your stand.

Just being present isn’t enough, especially if you are up against your competitors, so what can you do to attract people to your exhibition stand? Here are five ideas:

  1. Pre-Show Marketing
    You can start attracting people and building up interest beforehand. Advertise that you will be at the show and send personal invitations to current clients and contacts, include on any newsletters, company blogs and use social media
  2. Consistent Brand Message
    Portraying a consistent brand is a critical part of your marketing plan and communications.
  3. Engaging Stand
    Companies that have an engaging stand are much more likely to attract people’s interest – whether they have been planning on visiting you or not. You can make you stand engaging through a number of techniques – such as interactive displays, interesting lighting, giving away freebies, cooking demonstrations and smart TVs – all of which can be organised through an exhibition display company like Rocket.
  4. Show Offers
    A great way to attract people to your stand, and achieve your goal – be it buying or just obtaining contact details – is by offering people show promotions. By giving people what they believe to be a good offer, they are more likely to make the decision to buy or give you their details at the time that they are there. There’s nothing like a time limit on a special deal to get people moving and making decisions.
  5. Social Media
    The full potential of social media is still unknown but it can be used as an integral part of attracting people to your stand at an exhibition or trade fair. You can of course use it beforehand as part of your pre-show marketing (and likewise, afterwards to show to the world how it went). You can also generate interest on the day by asking people to tweet or post about you, talk about the fact that they were there, or even run a social media competition to build up interest and curiosity, and ultimately attract more people to your stand.

Being able to attract people to your stand at an exhibition or trade fair is essential for a successful day. By generating a good amount of interest in your stand you are more likely to achieve the goals which you set out to achieve at the beginning.

Here at Rocket we can help in the creation and implementation of your exhibition stand, ensuring that you will get the maximum interest and best results from your exhibiting experience.

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